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Electrical Holiday Safety Tips

Electrical Holiday Safety Tips

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The holiday season is here, and if you’re like most families, you plan on decorating
your Princeton home for Christmas and New Years’. While decorating for the
holidays is fun, the key is to be safe and smart when dealing with your home’s
electrical components so that the holiday won’t end in disaster. Below are a few tips
to consider that will keep your family gatherings exciting and accident-free.

Check Items

Before using any decorations, it’s a good idea to look at them carefully. Be mindful
of missing or damaged light bulbs, cracked or damaged plugs or sockets, loose or
bare wires, and other issues. You should also check the extension cords you use to
attach any lights. Keep in mind that the decorations have been stored for a year
and could have become defective.

Don’t Overload Sockets

A huge and dangerous mistake people make when decorating their homes for the
holidays is electrical overload. Socket overload is one of the main culprits that
cause holiday fires. Connect only one high power device to each outlet. It is also
advisable to use an extension cord, home surge protection, or power strip with a
circuit breaker installed as an added security layer.

Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent lighting is rarely used in Christmas decorations these days, but some
people still like their bigger, brighter look. If you plan on using these types of light
bulbs to decorate your home during the holidays, don’t plug in more than three
string lights at a time. Incandescent bulbs require more electricity than modern LED
lights, so if you install more than three rows of incandescent lamps, a fuse can
blow, or your breaker may trip, which can cause a fire.

Christmas Tree Care

If you have a live Christmas tree, don’t let it dry out. Christmas trees can dry
quickly, and it’s best to water your tree daily to keep it fresh. A dried-out Christmas
tree is hazardous to the safety of homes during the holiday season.

Lit Candles

Most people love the look and smell of candles burning in their homes during the
holidays, but it’s much safer to use battery-operated candles whenever possible.
Unattended candles cause more than half of all holiday fires. Never overlook a
burning candle, and make sure all the candles are blown out when you sleep.

Kitchen Safety

This safety rule applies all year round. Remain in the kitchen while cooking holiday
meals and snacks. Pans cook quickly, unattended cooking utensils can break, and
many other things can happen in a short time and cause fires. Ensure there is
always someone in the kitchen when you prepare meals, especially holiday meals,
which are usually larger and require more kitchen gadgets working at the same

If you have any questions or concerns about safely installing holiday
decorations that require electricity, you should seek advice from a local
electrician such as Princeton Electrical Makeover.
Our Electrical safety
inspections and 24/7 emergency services are here for you during this festive time.
Give us a call to find out more at 609-647-4986.

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