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Princeton Electrical Makeover has been providing solutions and electrical services since 2008. Call to schedule yours.


24/7 Emergency Service

24-7 Emergency Electrical Service in Princeton

When an electrical emergency happens in your home, our 24/7 emergency services uses a sliding scale for emergencies that happen after hours.
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Custom Home Wiring

Custom Home Wiring Princeton

We provide the wiring infrastructure for all of your homes entertainment, communication and security needs. Our custom home wiring services include the following, audio video, satellite, telephone, data, IP Internet, security, video surveillance, controlled lighting, and HVAC & Irrigation integration.
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Aluminum Wiring Replacement


Overheating and the failure of aluminum wiring terminations have been the causes of many electrical problems. The reason behind this is due to the oxidation of the wiring. An aluminum wiring replacement can be all that you need.
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Audio Video Phone Data

Audio, Video, Phone, and Data in Princeton

We provide upgrades or replacements to your wire and cable for your electrical system, audio/video, phone, internet, and other electronically wired devices including building wire, data, voice, video, power … Telephone Installers … Security/CCTV cable, monitors, cameras and audio systems.
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Electrical Safety Inspection

Princeton Electrical Safety Inspection

Safety should always be your #1 concern for your family as well as home. A safety and energy efficiency audit will prevent your home in Princeton from catching on fire as well as becoming safer for you to live in.
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Generators Princeton

The best thing about a generator is that there is no waiting for power. When the power goes out in your home, all things are affected is the alarm clock, appliances that are plugged in, and even your HVAC systems.
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HVAC Hookup and Control

Princeton HVAC Hookup and Control

We provide full hookup and control services for your next HVAC system. We also provide New HVAC system installation including air conditioner installation, furnace installation, and more. Finally our HVAC System Control service will ensure your HVAC system continues running properly.
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Home Surge Protection

Princeton Home Surge Protection

Home surge protection is a device that saves appliances from surging is a huge investment. Most homeowners don’t make the switch until it is too late. This often reflects in damaged devices.
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Smart House Automation

Smart House Automation Princeton

When you live in a smart house automated home, you live in a safe and secured home. You can be away from the home for long periods of time and not have to worry about your utility bills accumulating or electrical hazards.
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Smoke Detectors

Princeton Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector may save your life one day. A detector should alert the family by warning them of smoke in the home. Hard wired units are more dependable.
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Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation Princeton

One of the biggest advantages of solar panel installation is they do not emit any gases or smoke which make them an environmentally friendly alternative to your furnace.
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Energy Efficiency Audit

Princeton Energy Efficiency Audit

A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more efficient. An audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency.
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Troubleshooting and Repair

Princeton Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Professional troubleshooting and repairs are as easy to get done as anything else. Call 609-647-4986 and Princeton Electrical Makeover will show up at your door to attend to your problems. We trust our experts to provide a great service
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Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors Princeton

We provide Portable motion detector security alarm installation services, motion detector lighting installation, and motion detector camera installation services in the New Jersey area.
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Ceiling Fans

Princeton Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a lot more effective than one on the floor. A ceiling unit covers more area and is does not obstruct a walking path at night. More coverage means consistent temperatures inside of the rooms.
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Remodeling and Additions

Remodeling and Additions Princeton

If you’re in the dark about how to do that remodeling or home addition project? We can provide electrical renovation services to local homeowners by itself, or as a part of a larger remodeling project.
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Panel Upgrade


We plan everything when it comes to your panel upgrade. We can replace your Federal Pacific circuit breakers, indoor/outdoor lighting, and remodeling and additions too.
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Outdoor/Indoor Lighting

Princeton Outdoor Indoor Lighting

Lighting is a very serious matter to the inside and outside of a home. Outdoor and indoor lighting includes security, landscaping, low-voltage, motion detectors, and recessed lighting.
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Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Princeton Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

A swimming pool and a hot tub wiring both deal mainly with water and electricity. The risk is very high for electrocution. But the good news is, there won’t be any more risks involved.
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Electric Vehicle Charger Service


Electric car in chargingNow that you have that incredible electric vehicle, you need to keep it charged.  When it comes to new technology, not all electricians keep up. Let us install the charging station to keep you and you electric vehicle ready to go at a moments notice.
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