Searching for an Electrician in Lawrenceville?

The Lawrenceville community has long been involved in the promoting of affordable and great looking housing inside and out. As there is a large population of people who already own homes; there is the need for electrical work to be done to keep up with the rest of the home. If you’re in the process of getting new construction done or renovating your current one, contact Princeton Electrical Makeover.

Aluminum wiring is some of the oldest wiring still found in homes as it was popular in the 1960s and 70s. Aluminum is dangerous because it has a higher expansion rate. The older it gets, the more brittle aluminum becomes.

Replacing the wiring in a home requires expertise and skill both of which we possess. An electrical contractor that’s skilled can ensure the wiring is replaced correctly. We will keep your home free of wiring problems and other electrical hazards.

Because aluminum wiring has not been used in a while, every home that has it should be checked and inspected because:

  • The wiring is uncovered or poorly insulated
  • Not designed to handle the type of usage by a modern appliances
  • Many insurance companies do not cover homes with outdated wiring

Lawrenceville Electrician

An electrician is a person that provides electrical services to their community. They are responsible for any work that needs to be done whether it is an installation or repairs. An electrical contractor will be licensed in their state and insured.

A dependable contractor starts a project by completing an estimate. This way the homeowner gets a firsthand look at the price and breakdown of services. If the bid is low enough and the contractor is reputable, they usually get the work.

A professional contractor can get you all that you need when it comes to the home’s electrical system and components. We do repairs, installations, and maintenance whenever you need it. We even have an emergency service that is available 24/7.

Lawrenceville Generators

The one major and obvious be benefit to owning a home generator is that you will never be without power. The ability to switch between grid and generator power is a bonus for those who live in areas where power outages are a common occurrence.

The size of a whole home generator all depends on the size of the home. You’ll also need to figure out what needs to run during the outage as everyone’s preferences are different. It is vital to get the right size that fits your needs.

Call Princeton Electrical Makeover for ways you can get a generator and save. You’ll be impressed with our electricians, installations and upfront costs. Call today before the weather gets bad.


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