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Princeton Electrical Makeover is a full service electrical company that has been around since 2008. Our purpose is to deliver the best electrical services to our clients. Our Princeton Electricians are constantly educated on the latest technologies which enables us the experience to deliver quality services to our customers. Upon employment with us, all employees must pass a criminal background check as well as a drug test.

We are always on time. This is something that we have taken pride in since our start. Our guys respect the home/business as we wear foot protection and lay down mats on all projects which helps to avoid messes and keeps the home/ workplace clean.


24/7 Emergency Electrical Services For You
Upon Availablity


Sometimes electrical problems happen in the middle of the night or even sometimes after normal hours of operation. Your home should be free of electrical hazards. Take your HVAC system for example. They should be running at maximum operating speeds.

Day or night we always have your back. We can make sure that your commercial or residential electrical system(s) are always up and running as they should. If they are not operating at even minimum rate, they need to be serviced right away.

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Modernizing Your Home: New Panels & Custom Wiring


If the entertainment aspect is missing from your home, we can provide you with the infrastructure that will help deliver communication and better sound all around. We offer licensed and bonded electrical experts to come out and install your video surveillance, security, controlled lighting, and HVAC & irrigation integration.

The home’s wiring system is important to have done buy a professional as there will be no errors within the infrastructure itself. If your home or office in Princeton is in need of such services, call Princeton Electrical Makeover to set an appointment.

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Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair Specialists


Your electrical system should be safe and free of anything that may cause a spark in the network. We specialize in system troubleshooting and repair services. We can inspect your system and give it an overhaul that will keep it running safely.

Problems happen and when they do, you need someone to take care of your problems that are local and know exactly how to locate them without hassle. Call for more details on how you can get your problems taken care of by our electrical experts.

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Audio & Video Phone-Internet Wiring

When you need an upgrade to your existing wiring system for the home Internet and phone, contact us. We do video, phone, Internet, audio and electrical system installations that allow you to see and utilize technologies first-hand.

When it comes to your home or business, there is no second-guessing our electrical wiring services. Our techs can move new or add existing communication wiring to other areas of your home or business. We help make modern communication possible.

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Home Energy Audits

Your home needs to remain efficient at all times in order to save on your monthly energy spending. Making your home efficient is actually the first step in assessing how much money you’re wasting per month on your energy bills.

With an energy audit, you’ll be able to make your home efficient by keeping the energy in. An effective home energy audit will actually lower your energy spending and we’ll put you on a plan that will help lower costs and usage for good.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your NJ Electrical Needs

There are plenty of reasons to hire Princeton Electrical Makeover for electrical work or installations. We provide safety and peace of mind for those that feel uncomfortable with their current electrical systems. Princeton Electrical Makeover also provide electrical troubleshooting and repairs 24/7.

If you are having problems or starting out new and are in need of an electrical expert, call us and we’ll be there. For over the past five years, we have been providing our services to the area and surrounding communities. Our goal is to accommodate your electrical needs and provide qualified Princeton electricians for your home of business.

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If you are looking for a Princeton electrician then please call 609-647-4986 or complete our online request form.