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Electricity, while life-changing, can also be extremely dangerous when we fail to remember how powerful it is and therefore fail to safely maintain it in our homes. When we do not take the proper precautions to ensure our electrical safety, it can result in significant damage by causing fires, creating electrical shock, or damaging our devices, costing us thousands of dollars, our sense of safety, or even our lives. Here are 5 habits to help ensure electrical safety in your home.

1. Be aware of any leaks.

Unfortunately, standing water leaks from the wall, plumbing, or the roof can create a serious electrical hazard. This is because water serves as a conductor of electricity. Keep an eye on things in your home such as the drains underneath your sinks or your water heater. It is even more important to stay on top of this during times of inclement weather, such as heavy rain and strong winds, as these conditions can contribute to an increase in water. 

2. Regularly check your cords.

When we set up our TVs and other electronic devices, rarely do we move them again for a long period of time. Be sure to check on any appliances and devices that have been plugged into the same outlet for a prolonged period of time. Left in the same position, these cords could easily be permanently bent or frayed, which may eventually lead to a fire. If you discover cords in these conditions be sure to call a qualified service technician as soon as possible. 

3. Child-proof if relevant.

Those of us who have children are aware of the disproportionate amount of trouble that they can get into when not constantly and closely monitored. Things that may be perfectly safe for us may be extremely dangerous to children. Full of curiosity with little hesitation, a child can quickly pull on cords or stick fingers into uncovered outlets. If you should ever have children in the home be sure to cover any unused outlets and place cords out of reach of little hands. 

4. Replace any sub-sufficient equipment.

It may be extremely annoying or inconvenient when any of our equipment fails to work properly. But when we have a flickering light or a breaker that keeps being tripped, it can spell more than just inconvenience. While we can tighten loose bulbs and plug-in cords that are halfway out of their outlet, it is important that we have these appliances checked out by a professional. 

5. Get regular electrical safety inspections.

Although it seems quite simple to oversee the electronic safety of your home, the smallest things can result in the worst situations. We may be so used to our surroundings and may have such a casual attitude towards our electronic devices, which we easily fail to miss something important. That’s why it is so important to get regular electrical safety inspections by a qualified professional.  If you are concerned about the electrical items in your home, or simply want to rest easy at night, the professionals at Princeton Electrical Makeover, LLC can help. With over a decade in operation, our Princeton Electricians are highly educated and experienced.

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